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sheyig asked: Hi, I'm going to pre-order your znt fanbook but I'm a little bit paranoid whenever I buy stuff on the internet, this does ship internationally, right? (the site is letting me get through the transaction just fine right now so I'm going to assume that's a yes) how reliable would you say this site is in case the order gets lost? I've never really used any other site but Amazon so far and I'm a little bit nervous.


I’ve never had a problem with shipment before. There was only one case when the shipment got returned to me because the customer didn’t pick it up. But the package was resent and it reached the customer. 

So yes, I do ship internationally (most of the orders I received are overseas). I can’t say anything about the site though, because I’m the person who sends the package. I try my best to pack it and send it well!

Thank you for asking and for your interest!

maowmaid asked: Hi! I absolutely love your terror in resonance artwork but I haven't really got a lot of money. Would you be selling stickers/prints separately from the art book? Thank you!


First of all, thank you for your interest! 

The stickers are currently only exclusive to book preorders.. so I cannot say atm.. sorry.. > <

But I do have two ZnT (**) prints up on my store!

Hello everyone!

I’m excited to announce that my Terror in Resonance fanbook, Once Upon a Summer, is now open for preorders!!


  • Preorders starts from now til the 21st of Nov.
  • 8x10 inches, 32 pages, full colour, saddle-stitched. 
  • Contains 20 illustrations (a lot of new and not submitted pieces!)
  • Guest Arists: Yoon, Kay.

Estimated shipping date around late November to mid December.


1- Sphinx themed sticker set!


2- A4 prints 


(prints will be selected at random)


Thank you everyone for your support!!! ;v;

toumin asked: hey wan~! about when do you think you'll be opening preorders for your zantero book?? 'v'!

Hey tou!!

Probably in about 1-2 weeks from now

Thank you for your interest!  ;v;

epros asked: hello again! may i use one of your zankyou no terror images (once again unedited, with credit) for the cover of a fanmix?


Yes, as long as it’s credited I don’t mind. Thank you for asking!