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astarsjourney asked: ONE MORE EPISODE!!! ARE YOU EXCITED??? Everything is ending and im sad ;n; I'm always happy seeing your work especially zankyou no terror, it's nice seeing someone else like it

I’m really excited to see how everything wraps up!! I haven’t been excited over an anime like this in a long time! (if ever, really) I really love the characters, plot, music, animation, and execution of everything in this show. I can empathize with most of the characters (not sure about Five) which makes me feel I have an attachment to them. Zankyou no Terror is so well-executed and I love it so much!

However, I’m really sad that it’s ending. I’m still in denial. I need more episodes. ghhh.

Thank you for liking my work, too!

osniperxx asked: hi .. i really like your work .. simple but beautiful .. i start drawing 2 years ago and still ..but i sometimes i feel i cant draw whats in my head !! i really want to draw what in my head .. but i don't know how !! i tried to draw the body more than 100 times !! but i feel i can describe what in my head .. my question is how to improve ? i know i should draw everyday .. but i don't know what to draw that's the problem .. help please xC

Hiii and thank you!

I think the problem with just drawing from your head is not using reference for drawing. Because we usually think we know what an object/thing look like, but I think we only imagine it vaguely if we don’t use reference or practice enough.

When I think of a drawing, I try to first think of the general feel of the drawing, then of as much details as I want (ex. what is the character doing with their hand? What’s their expression?..etc) , but the final outcome doesn’t have to look like what’s in my head (and 99% it won’t). So yeah, I try to imagine the details, then look for reference for similar poses from google, and then draw!

And then I can change and improve on the pose I referenced!

Best things to practice (imo):

  • Anatomy
  • Facial expressions/emotions
  • Drawing from real life
  • Actually drawing what you like and what you would like to see

and finally enjoy!

Practice practice practice and don’t give up!

This is just my opinion based on my experience, but I hope it helps somehow :)

warofkeyblades asked: r u still doing the colour pallet thingo??


Not really.. I have a list of requests that I might get back to one day though haha